Gatineau Prosecutor supports state terrorism against the less privileged, minorities


There is an ongoing and conscious violation of human rights happening in the City of Gatineau and with the evident support of the Office of Prosecutor.

The Gatineau Police has continued to terrorize black men, individuals from First Nations and the less privileged—all with the unwavering support of Mathieu Cloutier, a Gatineau Prosecutor. The evidence of this state-backed terrorism by the City of Gatineau against these visible Canadian minorities is quite clear.

Ever since I have worked mid-1980s, Place du Portage located at the centre of secteur Hall—now called downtown Gatineau— has continued to be free of my observation of having seen any homeless person or panhandler. This is quite obvious to those who frequent Gatineau; however, this isn’t as a result of urbanization or socialism.  Instead, this is the apparent direct result of constant mistreatment and violation of human rights towards people from First Nations, black men and the financially poor.

Mathieu Cloutier appears to have supported the Gatineau Police’s constant oppression towards the most financially poor people of our society.  Gatineau’s poor have had to resort to running to places like Ottawa for safety. There, they stand a much slimmer chance of getting physically assaulted and imprisoned just for being black, aboriginal or poor.

While Ottawa isn’t exactly the most conducive place to harbour these people, however, it is nothing to be compared to the atrocious acts being perpetrated by the Gatineau Police in an apparent social engineering bid to totally eliminate them from the city through and apparent policy of state terrorism.

There have been reports of black people innocently crossing into Gatineau from Ottawa being constantly harassed by the Gatineau Police. This is definitely state terrorism and as Wikipedia defines it, it is an act of terrorism carried out by a state towards its citizens or against another state.

Apart fromdowntown Gatineau, there have been several incidents of Gatineau Police questioning poor and homeless people who were merely going about their own business and not troubling anyone. Currently, it is common knowledge that the authorities in Gatineau require no concrete reason to stop you if you’re a black man or from a First Nation.  According to one black man, he was stopped randomly and asked for his driver’s license but was eventually fined $48 for walking on the road and not the sidewalk.

In another case of clear oppression, one First Country woman lodging in a local Gatineau hotel spoke of one case of assault she was subjected to. Despite laying a complaint, no action was taken by the authorities. Instead, she suffered further violation by the Gatineau Police who trailed her at night and almost pushed her vehicle off the road; following up with a taunting peace sign and parking in front of her residence in a bid to instil fear in her. 

Cloutier’s endorsement of police assault is felt strongly in downtown Gatineau as two hours after a man who had been earlier stopped and fined for ‘not walking properly’ was stopped for allegedly ‘jaywalking’. According to him, all he wanted to do was to find a place to use the public toilet but ended up being interrogated for nearly 20 mins for ‘walking irregularly’.

Furthermore, this same black man noted that while driving a rented car in Gatineau, a Police vehicle made a left turn into the same Boul Maloney street he was turning into. His initial reaction was that of distress as he suspected another series of harassment by the police. Indeed, this Gatineau Police officer with badge number 5708, followed him for about five minutes before baring his sirens and instructing him to stop.

Rather than providing a concrete reason for the sudden halt, this police officer said the reason for the stop was to request his driver’s license since he was driving a rented car—adding that that was more than enough reason.

Incidents like this clearly prove that under the watch of Cloutier, Gatineau has become a hub for police harassment and indiscriminate stops, search and seizure—a shameful show of terrorism. It is because of this, citizens of Ottawa dread the idea of travelling to Gatineau—especially the less financially buoyant, black men or those from First Nations.

It is sad to think that Cloutier has failed to rethink his stance which is creating a thick cloud of panic, resentment and fear among innocent civilians who are subjected to unwarranted humiliation and violation of their human rights by the same people who are meant to uphold it.

Gatineau—like Montreal—should also hold the authorities and their prosecutors responsible for all violation of human rights on its citizens.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of Cloutier to uphold the rights of citizens in line with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Quebec’s Human Rights Code by exposing the rot in the system, else resign and give way for a more competent law-abidingprosecutor.