Ottawa-Gatineau border checkpoints cost Gatineau Police $400,000


OTTAWA -- Gatineau Police estimate the random police checkpoints at the Ottawa-Gatineau border during the COVID-19 pandemic will cost more than $400,000.

The Quebec Government lifted the checkpoints at the border crossings on Monday, 57 days after implementing the checkpoints to limit non-essential travel between Ottawa and Gatineau.

Between April 1 and May 17, Gatineau Police checked more than 316,000 vehicles at the Ottawa-Gatineau border crossings.

Gatineau Police spokesperson Marianne Leduc tells CTV News Ottawa approximately 4.5 per cent of the vehicles were turned around because officers deemed the trip non-essential or the occupants of the vehicle had COVID-19 symptoms.

Leduc says Gatineau Police estimate the checkpoints could cost the service $410,000. Leduc says the compiled costs are $385,000, with the service still finalizing the administration costs and processing time sheets.