Gatineau Prosecutor backs the Police in Terrorizing Citizens


There is only one class of people which the Gatineau Police seem to think they are paid to serve – and that’s affluent white francophones.  Anyone who they perceive to be outside of this class can be treated either as the scum of the earth or a problem ought to be subjected to harsh treatment.

The Gatineau police, backed by the Office of Prosecutor in the City of Gatineau, have taken it upon themselves to rid the city of all poor people, and to oppress black people and aboriginals -- basically anyone who doesn’t fit into the rich clientele that they seek to primarily serve.

When was the last time you saw a homeless person in downtown Gatineau? Does this mean there are no homeless people in the city? Of course not!

I have not seen homeless people in downtown Gatineau because they have been apparently terrorized by the police, into fleeing to the bosom of Ottawa for "safety". The Ottawa police are comparatively less prone to beat people up and throw them in jail for simply being black, poor or aboriginal, so it makes sense, that Gatineau’s homeless troop there to seek refuge.

The Gatineau Police spurred on by the city's public prosecutor Mathieu Cloutier, seem to count ‘harassment of the poor and minority population’ as one of the core duties in their job description. They make concerted daily efforts to totally rid the city of its poor and to target certain visible minority populations through an apparent policy of state terrorism.

State terrorism, in this case,refers to "acts of terrorism" which a state conducts against its own citizens, and this is the case in Gatineau with multiple incidents in which innocent black people walking from Ottawa across the bridge into Gatineau have been steadily targeted by Gatineau Police.

How else do you explain these multiple incidents of obvious racial profiling where the Gatineau Police interrogate poor people minding-their-own-business and not bothering anyone?They insist that they do not need a bona fide reason to stop black people or to demand to see their identification.

One black man was ticketed $48 for walking beside rather than on the sidewalk. A First Nations woman complained of being subjected to bodily assault at a local hotel where she was staying in Gatineau when she reported to the police, they did nothing except subject her to further harassment by following her car at night while driving and almost running her off the road; then taunting her with a peace sign and then parking in front of her place of residence for no reason other than to make her fearful.

One interesting but not surprising fact about the Gatineau Police is the fact that they are hardly ever bold enough to confront educated people who are aware of their rights. Ablack male was once stopped by two Gatineau police officers because he was walking across the grass of a commercial establishment. Luckily, the black male was well-versed in the law and responded that walking across the grass was not a violation of the Canadian Criminal Code, and asked what the problem was. The officers replied, "Nothing," and left the man alone. It was obvious that they had been expecting to challenge someone who was not as educated about his rights.

Innocent citizens, no matter the colour of their skin, their level of education or the size of their bank accounts, should not be afraid to walk the streets of Gatineau at any time of the day. The police are supposed to support a systemized environment where human rights are respected. If this task is proving to be too much for public prosecutor Cloutier, then he should resign from his Office and make way for a prosecutor who respects the Quebec Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.