How to become a real estate agent in Montreal


The real estate business in any region is very profitable and It seems tempting income for everyone, however If you would like to be a real estate agent, you have to go through a few certification processes to  obtain your real estate license. We will dig into this further so that you can have a basic understanding of how the process works.


In order to become a realtor in Quebec, the first thing you should do is to Successfully complete the mandatory training program in one of the educational institutions recognized by the OACIQ  OACIQ is the real estate authority and the one and only institution who authorizes real estate brokerage practices in Quebec. Their duty is to protect the public by making sure that each broker acts lawfully and follows the real estate brokerage act.

After successfully completing the program you still have to pass a second exam at OACIQ exam centre in order to apply for a brokerage license. If you did not take french in high school you will also need to pass the french exam to prove your efficiency in french.

Criminal Record Check

In order to become a realtor you need to have no criminal record. You will complete a consent form for the verification of your criminal record. The OACIQ may refuse to deliver a licence to anyone declared guilty by a court of an offense or criminal act that, in the opinion of the OACIQ, relates to the practice of real estate brokerage activities.

Working on your own / Joining an agency

Once you get your results and you find out that you have passed the exam you need to decide which way you would like to go as a real estate broker. You can work on your own or you can join an agency. To avoid endless accounting and transaction related tasks it makes sense for a fresh real estate broker to join a reputable agency to gain and share experience with other colleagues from the industry. Most Agencies provide intensive training and assistance during your first few months. .

Working with buyers, sellers or both

You can either work as a buyer’s agent, target buyers in the market  without worrying about how many listings you have under your name  or focus on getting more listings under your name and directly deal with property owners. You can also do both.

Communication skills

As an agent, you have to talk with several brokers, agents, buyers, sellers, and owners. This is why communication skills are essential in this business. Better communication skills can help you while marketing yourself, attract customers, and convince clients.


Old school marketing does not really work as much as it used to in these days. Nowadays everything is digital and you have to have a solid digital presence in order to succeed as a real estate broker. A professionally maintained website, social media accounts, access to digital brokerage tools that can help finalize transactions from distance are a must in order to succeed in the real estate industry.

Fees and Expenses

Consider having some savings in your bank account to spend towards the School fees, licensing fees , APCIQ fees, Marketing fees and many others.